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Foreclosure is something no one wants to face, but sometimes things get hard. The past few years have not been easy ones in Wisconsin, and if you are facing foreclosure, then you may be seeking help. Can you fight a foreclosure in court in Milwaukee? Of course, you can! That’s where Kingstad Law is ready to help. Don’t stare down foreclosure alone. Explore your options with an experienced law firm.

Do Foreclosures Go Through the Courts in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, most banks are required to file a lawsuit to begin the foreclosure process. This means that it is a legal process, but one that you can’t necessarily fight like you would a normal lawsuit. Don’t lose hope though. You still have options available to you.

What Are Your Options When Facing Foreclosure in Wisconsin?

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  • Bankruptcy—For many, bankruptcy is a dirty word, but it can help you get your head back above water so that you can keep your house. If you go this route you have to file as soon as possible. If you can file before your house ever goes into foreclosure, then that’s for the best, but you at least need to file months before the confirmation date.
  • Sell Your Home—Depending on the state of the housing market and how much equity you have built up in your home, you could come out ahead by selling your home. You will have to pay your mortgage out of the proceeds as you normally would.
  • Pay the Mortgage—For most, this might not be an option as not being able to pay is what got you into this spot in the first place, however, if you have come into money by selling other assets, changing jobs, or by some other means, then paying off your mortgage or renegotiating with the bank are options available to you
  • Ride Out The Foreclosure—If you are just going to stick it out until the end, you will have some time. Payments have to be 90 days past due before you go into default. Once the foreclosure judgment is rendered you will have between 6 and 12 months to leave the property if you are living there, 3 months if there are renters, and 2 months if the property is vacant.

Can You File Chapter 7 and Keep Your House in Wisconsin?

Get the Best Result With Your Foreclosure in Milwaukee

If you need help navigating your financial situation with a foreclosure either looming or issued, then you need help and Kingstad Law is here for you. Contact our law offices in Milwaukee today. We will fight to help you keep your house!

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