Personal Injury Services in Milwaukee WI

Have you recently sustained an injury that has resulted in financial loss? Your case may be eligible for a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawsuit may prove to be a difficult case and we are here to help at Kingstad Law Firm, LLC. More than 40 years of experience in the courtroom has provided us with the knowledge and insight to help you win your personal injury lawsuit. Contact the Kingstad Law Firm today to learn more about available personal injury services in Milwaukee, WI.

Who Can File for a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Wisconsin?

Are you unsure if your case meets the requirements for a personal injury lawsuit? The basic parameters for a personal injury case are simple – another person, business, organization or government body is responsible for your injury. To be successful in your case, the personal injury claim must prove three things:

  • The party at fault was negligent in actions that led to the accident. This means failing to act when there is a dangerous situation or an action that demonstrates a lack of care – like texting while driving.
  • Negligence was a direct cause of your injury. In a personal injury case, the negligence must be a direct cause to your injury – not indirect.
  • The injuries sustained caused you direct harm. This seems pretty obvious, but a successful personal injury case will require proof of your injury and damages caused – medical bills, missed work, headaches and emotional distress must all be proven in a court case.

In personal injury cases in the state of Wisconsin, the lawsuit must be filed in a Wisconsin state court within three years of the accident. Claims against a Wisconsin municipality or the State of Wisconsin must be filed within 120 days. Kingstad Law Firm can help you determine what your claim may be worth.

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How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help in the Milwaukee Area?

A personal injury case is a civil lawsuit where you may need an attorney on your side. In a case where you are attempting to prove fault and negligent behavior, Kingstad Law Firm, LLC is ready to help you win your personal injury lawsuit. Attorney David Kingstad and the Kingstad Law Firm team have more than 40 years of experience combined and can help you in your case – providing you with support in the courtroom, where you will be subject to the opposition’s lawyers.

Contact Kingstad Law Firm, LLC today and enlist our support with personal injury services in Milwaukee, WI!